Team Sports

GRADES 1 & 2

While team sports start in the later years, students in Grades 1 & 2 are invited to a morning sports club that runs throughout the year. Coached by an expert, the students engage in fun, inclusive skill-building basics that form the foundation for further sports skill development.


Grade 3 students are invited to a Beginner Basketball program in the morning before school. The entire class also attends a Volleyball Tournament in the winter term. This teaching games for understanding pedagogy allows students to prepare for more competitive team sports.


The Grades 4, 5 and 6 students enjoy a variety of team sports, on both a seasonal and on-going basis. Choices such as the Basketball Team, Track Team, Soccer Team, Dance Team, Fitness Bootcamp and Floor Hockey program complement the ongoing Physical Education program.

Intramural Games

As the students move through the school into the upper years, opportunities for leadership continue to increase in the PE program.

Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 students participate in organized sports and games at morning recess. A committee of students decides on the activities, chooses and captains the teams, referees the games and organizes the schedule. Students sign up using an interest-based model with each child deciding their own level of participation and engagement.

School-Wide Activities

Many activities are inquiry and thematic based and the children in the community choose activities based on their own interests and excitement. For example, in the past our Grade 3 class led the entire school community in a variety of activities based on National Frog Jumping Day! Some activities, such as the Terry Fox Run every September, are stable and traditional.

The entire school and parent community also engage in activities such as our Community Skate Day and we place value on outdoor play in our extensive local ravine and park settings. Sometimes, we even go on a full school field trip, such as a visit to Downey’s Farm.