Breakfast with the Chair

Breakfast with the Chair!

Last year, when we were creating our Strategic Plan collaboratively with all of you, it became apparent that people wanted to know more about our Board of Directors and how the Board works.

With this in mind, Jeremy Creed has planned a special “breakfast with the Chair” for next Wednesday, November 22 at 8:00 am in the kitchen. I will be there too, flipping pancakes for anyone who would like some. If you are interested in joining us, please do RSVP to Dayana so that we can make sure that I have enough batter!

Jeremy is our Chair of the Board, and a principal could not ask for a better Chair. An alumni of the school, he dedicates countless hours to his role. In fact, the entire Board is made up of highly skilled, dedicated individuals. They volunteer their time to ensure that The Mabin School has a strong and secure future. The Board makes all major funding decisions, such as approving the yearly operating budget, setting tuition, adopting financial policies, agreeing to undertake capital campaigns and setting related goals, through strategic planning. They hire the principal to lead and manage the workings of the school, to implement policy and goals, and to work with the Board to ensure the objectives of the Strategic Plan are achieved.

In addition to Chair, the Board Executive consists of the Vice-Chair, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. These roles are held by Jenny Elmaleh, current parent, Henry Perren, alumnus and current parent, and Helen McLean, parent of an alumna, respectively. Additionally, we currently have 8 other Board members:

Emily Burnett, Alumna
Rosemary Evans, Educator
Ron Kellner, Current Parent
Michael Roland, Parent of Alumnae
Johanna Shapira, Current Parent
Will Scott, Community Member
Lesley Shore, Former Staff Member and Parent of Alumnae
Takashi Yamashita, Current Parent

New members can be nominated at any time, and are chosen by the Nominating Committee. Among our current Board Members, we have lawyers, investment bankers, educators, developers, architects, engineers, and business leaders. In choosing new members, the Board always looks for people to round out the skills that already exist among board members.

If you are curious to find out more about our Board of Directors or our Strategic Plan, please do join us next Wednesday in the kitchen. If you are driving — be sure to park somewhere that is legal! We recommend the Green P Parking lot on MacPherson for early morning parking.