Communication – The Conversation Begins

Curriculum Night Communication: The Conversation Begins

September is always an exciting time of year. One of the best things about working in a school is you get to start over, every year. Your future is never determined. You can always begin again.

Learning is always a partnership between home, school, and student. We count on you to keep us informed about the successes and challenges you are noticing with your children. Similarly, we work hard to keep you informed about what we are noticing at school. Most importantly, at The Mabin School, students have a big role to play in reflecting on their own thinking and learning. They practice articulating their ideas and questions to their teachers, classmates, and families. This triangle of communication is at the heart of the self-actualization. We see as our students develop as human beings. Struggles and mistakes become opportunities for growth, and communication is key.

Curriculum Night is just the first of many opportunities for us to tell you about our program. Soon it will be goal-setting time when the family-student-teacher triad will sit down together to explore goals for the year. These include academic, social, emotional, and even physical goals. As for now, though, we look forward to the opportunity to see you on Thursday night and introduce you to who we are, what we are trying to do, and most importantly … why. Think of Thursday night as the beginning of a longer, more intimate conversation about our joint hopes and dreams for your child, and our plan to work together to make them a reality.

We are heading into an exciting time at The Mabin School, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.