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The Centre For Relationship-Based Education

The Centre For Relationship-Based Education is a non-profit group of educators, researchers, parents, and community partners dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth by strengthening their relationships. We view relationships as the critical vehicle through which all learning and growth occur. Our goal is to support children and youth to succeed in school and in life through the promotion of positive, genuine, intentional, and responsive relationships in the classroom and beyond. The Mabin School is now a demonstration school for relationship-based education. Join our movement!

Stop Gap

In 2016, our kindergarten students became curious about accessibility issues. Their teachers invited Luke Anderson into the classroom to teach them about Stop Gap. This began a revolution in their thinking and activism at the youngest age.

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George Brown College

Starting in 2017, we will be hosting Early Childhood Education students in the second year of their diploma program. We look forward to the opportunity to train future educators about the Mabin way of learning and teaching.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University will be sending us fourth year students in their Early Childhood Studies degree program for two days a week, starting in September, 2017. Like us, Ryerson is an Ashoka Campus, recognized for its commitment to change-making. Our first intern will be Julian Segura, who writes, “The Mabin School offers an amazing learning opportunity. Your teaching philosophy of involving the children in their own learning as much as possible is something that I am able to resonate with … giving children the opportunity to take autonomy of their own learning is what I believe to be a foundation for a lifelong love of learning and education.” We agree, Julian!

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Dr. Eric Jackman Institute

Our founder, Gerry Mabin, first came to Canada from London, England, as principal of the then named “Institute of Child Study” at the University of Toronto. In 1980, she and a group of parents formed The Mabin School in an attempt to keep the best of the Institute’s philosophy while maintaining the freedom of being a smaller school. Since then, we have had an ongoing relationship with Jackman ICS. Currently, we host teacher candidates in both their first and second year of their Masters of Education program. We also enjoy collaborating with the Jackman ICS staff for professional development and in sports competitions. Both The Mabin School and Jackman ICS are members of the International Association of Laboratory Schools.