Strategic Plan is to Model Excellence in Progressive Education

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Believe it or not, this is the time of year where we begin planning some of the nitty gritty details for the next school year. Now that re-enrollment is done, and we know who are students will be, we can start planning the specifics of staffing and scheduling.

One of the goals of our Strategic Plan is to Model Excellence in Progressive Education.

Under this goal is our strategy to develop and retain excellent teachers. We are working on these elements of the plan all the time. We have weekly meetings where staff members collaborate and learn together. We bring in experts to expand our knowledge. We go out to conferences to bring back new information.

Sometimes plans take an unexpected route, and I am pleased to announce a few wonderful surprises:

  1. Sarah Horgan, Stefanie Spencer, and Sue Ball are all expecting children — all for the first time!
  2. Megan Fehlberg is expecting her second child;
  3. Ian Hawkins, after 25 years on the job, has decided to retire.

We expect Megan, Sarah, Stefanie, and Sue to return to us in the 2019-2020 school year, and we wish them all easy births, healthy babies, and a happy year away.

As far as Ian’s departure is concerned, it’s hard to imagine The Mabin School without him. Ian is an incredibly talented musician and teacher. He has served as a mentor to many new Mabin staff members — including me! Ian holds a significant amount of institutional knowledge and professional knowledge and he will be sorely missed. We will be profiling Ian in our next edition of the Changing Times, coming your way soon, and celebrating him at Mabin Day on May 17th. We hope you will all take some time to let Ian know in one way or another the impact he has had on your children’s lives.

In the meantime, we will cherish this last term with Ian in the music room. Committees of teachers will be tasked with the job of finding the best people to join our team. We look forward to finding just the right people — professionals who will bring new perspectives and talents to the school. Once we have figured out who is teaching what, we will publish a full list in The Choosing Times.

I know that you will join me in wishing all of these teachers the very best as they embark on new phases of their lives. We still have several months to cherish our time together before their lives — and ours — change. Change is hard, but it is also both inevitable and an opportunity for growth. We thank all five of these teachers for the excellence they have demonstrated in their various roles, and we look forward to having them back again — in one capacity or another. After all, Ian may be retiring, but he will always be part of the Mabin community. Forever.