Nancy’s Note 01/06/2022

The Mabin School
2022-2023 Staff List – Part 2

As we mentioned last week, this is the time of year when we start to finalize our plans for staffing. While there are sometimes last minute changes, this is our best estimate of what our faculty will look like heading into the 2022-2023 school year.

To support our vision of modeling excellence in progressive, elementary education, we have added two new positions to our staffing model:

Jillian Green, in addition to being our Teacher-Librarian, will be our first Teaching-Learning-Curriculum Coach (TLC Coach), supporting teaching and learning and curriculum development in all classrooms. In her role, Jillian will extend class inquiries and coordinate professional learning around important educational topics. She will co-teach with all teachers, supporting their efforts to innovate.

Michelle Li will continue to co-teach science in JK-Grade 6, but she will also have time in her schedule to act as a Technology Integrationist, assisting teachers in applying new technologies to their teaching and sourcing out IT resources that will enhance student learning. This will allow us to continue to upgrade our skills and knowledge about best practices in the use of technology to extend learning and support critical thinking and creativity.

Both of these positions take advantage of the many strengths that these two phenomenal teachers possess while augmenting the excellent work that our classroom teachers, learning specialists, and subject specialists are already doing.

We also have some new and familiar faces joining us next year to round out our team:

Gina Brintnell returns from a year at The Study Academy to teach Grade 5/6 art and to be our Learning Strategies Teacher for Grade 5 and 6. Gina was with us last year as our Grade 4-6 art teacher and taught Grade 6 with Chris Russell. We are so pleased that she is joining us again. Gina has a Master of Arts in Child Study and Education and a Master of Arts in Theatre from the University of Toronto. She also has an art practice of her own, and has served on a local executive of the Council for Exceptional Children. *ADD PHOTO OF GINA*

Nigel Goodfellow joins us as our Grade 5 teacher next year from Bangkok, Thailand, where he taught Grade 5 most recently at the International School of Bangkok. Nigel has also taught at St. John’s-Kilmarnock IB Continuum School and The York School. He is particularly passionate about Universal Design for Learning, social-emotional learning, technology integration, and enhancing student agency. He is also a published musician, songwriter, recording engineer, and music producer with an interest in computers, technology, and rock climbing. **ADD PHOTO OF NIGEL**

Pamela Lo joins us from The York School where she has taught Kindergarten and Grade 1. Pam also spent time teaching Kindergarten internationally in Macau, China. Pam will be our Grade 2 teacher next year. She is a Google Certified educator and an accomplished pianist. She has coached soccer, run coding clubs, and loves to draw, paint, and ski. Pamela is committed to a play-based, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. **ADD PHOTO OF PAMELA**

Stefan Pawluk is familiar to many of you as a regular guest teacher this year. Stefan has a Bachelor of Education degree from Lakehead University, along with a B.A. in History with a minor in English and Slavic Studies. Stefan has served as an Education Assistant and a Ukrainian Dance instructor. He enjoys baseball, soccer, hockey, and volleyball, as well as camping, hiking, biking, and fishing. Stefan will be an Early Childhood Specialist in Grade 1 next year, joining Sandra Giampapa and Dilek Ali as part of the Grade 1 team. **ADD PHOTO OF STEFAN**

On a bittersweet note, we have recently learned that Andy Lavia will be leaving his role as Extended Care Supervisor to pursue another opportunity. We are excited for him, but we know that we will miss him. Andy is a fixture at Mabin, and has brought incredible spirit and energy to his various positions: leading Sports with Andy, supervising Extended Care, and even working in the lunch program in the past. We wish Andy all the best in his next position, and hope that he will be back, at some point, to do some more Sports with Andy before or after school.

In the meantime – never fear – with our improved facilities, we will still be having morning sports, athletic teams, and a full physical education program next year. More about this in next week’s Choosing Times.