Nancy’s Note 06/06/2022

35 Prince Arthur is For Lease! It’s Time to Move Home!

As we near the end of the school year, I find myself marveling at the fact that we have managed to navigate the last 2 years so well despite the many challenges of COVID and being off-site. Many parents have said to me that our teachers make it look easy. It is true that our teachers have done an incredible job of creating a calm, supportive learning environment in the context of so many uncertainties and restrictions. They have worked skilfully as a team to make a very abnormal situation feel quite normal indeed. For that I know we are all extremely grateful.

Many of you have entered our school in the last two years, and may not even be aware of how much more will be possible once we are back home at 50 Poplar Plains Rd. Having a full gymnasium, a brand new art room, a beautiful playground, and rooms for all of our specialists will make it much easier to run enriched and enriching programs in all subject areas. Furthermore, we will be able to return to having more before and after school opportunities for our students, including clubs and teams.

As a small school, our athletics program tends to be more modest than most. As students progress through the grades, we offer more and more opportunities to compete and lead. With the world opening up, we will be able to re-establish our cross-country, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track & field teams. We have learned this year that skating and shinny are excellent additions to our physical education program, and we hope to continue to incorporate them into our winter term. While we were not able to make intramurals happen over the past two years with our limited facilities, we look forward to the house games we will be able to play once we have our gym back. With more space, we expect to be able to offer more programming before, during, and after school, although we still believe strongly that unstructured time is an important part of every child’s day.

As you know, our physical education & health program is designed not only to develop physical skills but to promote a joy of activity for one’s health and psychological well-being. The importance of teamwork, cooperation and respect are integral to this goal. All children participate in phys. ed. classes several times a week. Health education focuses on areas such as: healthy eating, personal safety, development and substance use and abuse. This past year, Chris Russell and Claudine Fiset-Algarvio have done an excellent job of providing a full and varied physical education program wherever they could find space! Additionally, Andy Lavia has supplemented these offerings with an exciting roster of morning sports throughout the week. Although Andy is moving on, we will continue to provide daily morning sports. Over the summer, under Chris’s supervision and guidance, we will hire a Physical Education and Health Specialist who will be able to make the most of what our facility can offer. This person will also coordinate our athletics offerings before, during and after school.

Traditionally we end each year with a Staff/Student Basketball game. This has not been possible during COVID, but on Thursday, June 16, Chris is organizing what promises to be a fierce game of Soccer Baseball between the Staff and the Grade 5/6 classes at Taddle Creek Park. Weather permitting, the whole school will be out watching – and you should feel free to join us too! We look forward to this opportunity to engage in gracious competition before we head into a well-deserved summer break. Wish us luck!