Nancy’s Note 05/11/2022

Life After Mabin

We are very proud to announce that all of our Grade 6s have been accepted into wonderful schools for Grade 7, including Greenwood College, Rosedale Day School, Royal St. George’s College, and Toronto Prep. Several of our families have opted to send their children to their local public school as well. Typically, we hear glowing reports of our alumni as they move onto middle and high school. We are told that our graduates love learning, ask good questions, know how to advocate for themselves, listen with empathy, collaborate well and are willing to take responsible risks.

By the time our students reach Grade 6, they are what Gerry Mabin, our founder, called “fully baked.” In the primary years, we set the foundation, adding the metaphorical “ingredients” for a beautiful loaf of bread. Students need Grade 3 and 4 to “rise” to fully integrate the skills and Habits of Mind that will turn them into the exceptional leaders they will become in Grades 5 and 6. As a JK-6 school, we are able to provide our students with unparalleled leadership opportunities at a young age. They emerge as delightful and well-rounded as a delicious loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven.

How do we help with the transition to Grade 7? In fact, there are many steps along the way:

-We begin with a parent meeting in the spring of Grade 5 when we explain how transition works.
-In the fall of Grade 6, our Transition Team meets individually with each family.
-Throughout the year, our team coaches families through the admissions process, and liaises with other schools to advocate on our students’ behalf.
-In Grades 4-6, we start to introduce elements into the program that will prepare students for a more conventional school experience: homework, time management skills, essay-writing, interview prep, public speaking, presentation skills, even test-taking.

Our students continue to be, on average, well above grade level in their reading and math skills when they leave us after Grade 6. Their inquiries have prepared them to think deeply and at a high level about a whole variety of essential questions. They are confident, self-assured, and know themselves as learners. They are indeed “fully baked.”

If you are curious about our supportive Transition Process, you can watch the recording of our recent information session for current Grade 3-5 parents here (passcode: F!3+VJcH). In the meantime, congratulations to our Grade 6 students and their families! The world needs more Mabin, so we are happy that our Grade 6s will soon be going out into the world and spreading some of that Mabin magic to others. Of course, we will miss our Class of 2022 grads, but we also look forward to having them join us at the Fall BBQ in September back at 50 Poplar Plains Rd. Our alumni and their families will always be welcome “home”.