Nancy’s Note 11/3/21

On Wednesday, October 27th, our Grade 7 graduates returned to The Mabin School for a meet-up at Taddle Creek Park and dinner on the patio at The Duke of York.

It was wonderful to be back together with them, and to hear their tales of adventure. All but 2 members of the Class of 2021 were able to make it to our event last week, and the students regaled us with stories. Specifically, Chris Russell asked each of them to share their responses to the following 3 questions with the rest of the group:

  1. What do you love about your new school?
  2. What is a challenge?
  3. What skill(s) did you bring with you from The Mabin School?

All the students appear to be loving their new schools, and feel well-prepared. Most of them are finding the size of their new schools an exciting challenge. A number mentioned that they brought with them organizational skills — which is good to know! They also talked about bringing creativity, which is no surprise. We had students from St. Mike’s, UCC, BSS, Greenwood, RSGC, and The Study at the dinner table. Each student seems to be at the right school for them.

Currently, our Grade 6 students are in the process of deciding where they will go to school next year. They are working with their teachers on transferable skills that will help them with the admissions process: essay writing, test-taking, and interview skills. The Transition Team is role-playing mock interviews with students and giving them feedback. The students are reflecting on themselves as learners and their hopes and dreams for their next school. Once again, we have students applying to a whole variety of schools, public and private, and we are excited to guide them and their families through this important decision.

If you ever have any questions about how our alumni do at their next schools or our transition process to Grade 7, feel free to contact me, Chris Russell, or Michelle Barchuk. We are happy to tell you more about it. What we know is that other schools love our students, and our students are well-prepared for the next steps of their journeys when they leave here “fully baked” after Grade 6.