Nancy’s Note 9/29/21

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

On Labour Day weekend, I moved my son into residence at university. It seems like yesterday that he was a little baby, lying in my arms as I gazed at him, besotted by his chubby, cherubic face.

Many of you are having a similar experience as your children head into Grade 6, their last year at The Mabin School. At Mabin, we say that our Grade 6’s are “fully baked,” ready to venture into the bigger world. They know who they are as learners, they maintain a love for learning, and they have the skills they need to be original thinkers, adaptive leaders, and caring citizens.

As you approach this important next step in their educational journey, you are not alone. We have a Transition Team that meets with both parents and students and prepares them to make the move to middle school. Whether you are interested in pursuing a path in public education or private education, our team has knowledge and expertise that will help you make the right choice for your child. 

We first meet with the Grade 5 parents as a group in late spring to introduce them to the transition process. In the fall of Grade 6, we support students in gaining targeted life skills that will also help them if they decide to apply to schools with an admissions process: essay-writing, interviewing skills, and practice with test-taking. In early October (this week!), we meet with parents for half hour sessions where we discuss options for their children. Included in the Transition Team are me, Michelle Barchuk, Chris Russell, Heather Pettigrew, and Lauren Saunders. Between the five of us, we have years of experience with a whole variety of schools, public and private, and lots of ideas about how to help you make sure that your child lands in the right place. 

The growth that we see in Grade 6 is remarkable. This year of being true leaders in the school helps students develop their confidence, organizational skills, and sense of purpose. By the time we reach graduation in June, they are poised, articulate young men and women, ready for whatever comes next.

We look forward to our Transition Meetings as an opportunity to celebrate how far our students have come, and imagine together how far they will go. As one parent recently emailed me, her Grade 7 daughter was “Well prepared and very excited!… She’s emulating her Mabin mentors!” The world needs more Mabin, and we are always so thrilled to hear about how well our students do as they continue their journey at their next schools.