Nancy’s Notes 04/13/2022

Build Update

Those of you who drive up Poplar Plains Road will have noticed that the build is progressing nicely, and we are looking forward to being back at our original site in September, 2022.

Now that the walls of the addition have gone up, it is easier to visualize how beautiful our new Community Learning Lab will be, and how much more space we will have for teaching and learning once we are back. While our population will remain capped at 150, we will have about 25% more room in which to collaborate, problem-solve, and create together. We are excited that the new part of the building will house our new Kindergarten classrooms, our art studio, and our learning commons – and it will be entirely accessible.

We have also expanded our playground to include the area that was formerly our parking lot. In addition to sandboxes, climbing structures, and a basketball court, we will have a running track that encircles the entire school, and a little outdoor stage with benches. Our Pathway to Mabin will be engraved with names of families who have bought bricks, as well as some of the key figures in the journey of this project, and it will lead visitors to our front entrance and main office. Inside the main entrance will be our Grade 1 classroom – above ground! – and brand new floors for every classroom. What a treat it will be to be back together again in a refreshed space!

On Monday, Rachel Mathews and I visited the school to inspect the progress. I must admit, it’s still thrilling to wear my hard hat and construction boots and see the build take shape. I still haven’t been allowed to drive a digger yet, but a girl can dream!

While we have all made the best of our relocation and taken good advantage of what our temporary locations have to offer, we are excited to be moving home in September. We look forward to welcoming you all back to 50 Poplar Plains Rd. for the 2022-2023 school year.