Nancy’s Notes- 1/19/2022

Dear Mabin Families,

As we ride this fifth wave of COVID together, we want to assure you that in the background, we are continuing to prepare 50 Poplar Plains Rd for our return in September, 2022.

Our build is on schedule, and we were excited to lay down some steel last week. We are on track with our timelines and excited about our new Kindergarten space, Learning Commons, Art Studio, and playground! We look forward to having our gym back, moving our Grade 1 class above ground, and having a dedicated French room.

Not only that, as most of you are aware, we reached our goal of raising $4 million for the Capital Campaign in December! This is the largest fundraising effort The Mabin School has ever embarked on, and we are thrilled with the success we have had. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to this historic campaign.

You now have an opportunity to create a permanent legacy of your time at The Mabin School. We are selling bricks that will be part of the pathway to Mabin for $1000 each. You have an opportunity to engrave a word or phrase in your brick, which might be a name or a concept. For example, my brick will say “Changemaking,” to signify how important social action is to all of us at The Mabin School. Other people have bought bricks with their children’s names on them, so that their names can be an ongoing presence on campus.

If you are interested in purchasing a brick, you may do so on our website. This is a wonderful way to support our school, and also to commemorate your family’s connection to Mabin. Consider showing someone your love this Valentine’s Day by presenting them with the gift of a brick! Bricks will be on sale until March 1.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support. In times like these, it helps to think about the wonderful experiences ahead as we return home to 50 Poplar Plains Rd. in September.