Nancy’s Notes 1/5/2022

Happy New Year to all of you! Although we were hoping to be in-person, we were excited to be together virtually today, and hope to be back on site soon.

In preparation for our return to the buildings, we have updated our COVID protocols. For those of you who were not able to be at the Community Forum on Monday night, here is a recording of the presentation. 

The big ideas remain the same:

  1. Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate
  2. Prevent, prevent, prevent
  3. Keep COVID out of our buildings
  4. Enforce Public Health Measures
  5. Follow and exceed Ministry Guidelines

We also announced The Mabin School’s new Student Vaccination Policy that will impact all eligible students for the 2022/23 academic year. 

 Beginning next year, all eligible students must be vaccinated for COVID-19 or obtain an approved exemption. 100% of Mabin staff are fully vaccinated and this requirement will continue to be our policy for all adults in the school. The School has established this policy, considering reliable scientific evidence, government guidance, protocols, and requirements, and relevant human rights legislation. 

 As a school, we have a heightened responsibility to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our students, staff, their families and the surrounding community. In-person teaching and learning involves close contact with other students and staff members. The vaccination of all eligible students will support our ability to teach and learn in the Mabin way safely. 

 We are sharing this information with you now, to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have, prior to re-enrollment for next year. We hope that you will understand our desire to keep the entire community safe and support our goal for 100% vaccination of all community members. 

More on other new COVID Health & Safety measures in next week’s Choosing Times. Until then, stay safe!