Nancy’s Notes

As I write this, it is already August 2, and as many of you are off having a relaxing vacation, there are several of us hard at work at The Mabin School getting ready for the new school year. If you were to visit us right now, you would see Dayana creating this new website, Graeme doing the work required to establish our new IT network, Anna preparing for a summer admissions interview, Lisa calling contractors and making sure the new gym floor is in place before September. You would also see Regie power cleaning our retainer wall and painting the classrooms. Wennie has been coming in each day to make sure the building is clean and tidy. Teachers have been dropping by to get started on their classrooms or connect about planning. The building is quieter, but still abuzz.

Yesterday, we were thrilled to welcome Michelle Barchuk to our school as our new Director of Admissions and Communications. Michelle comes to us from Kingsway College School, where she was teaching Grade 7 & 8 French, although she started her career at the Toronto French School in the Office of Admissions. Although it is only Michelle’s second day, it already feels like she is an integral part of “Team Awesome.” She is already busy recruiting students, crafting documents, and planning events. When you return in September, please help us welcome her to our school by introducing yourself and telling her all about The Mabin School.