Nancy’s Note 11/05/2022

Life After Mabin We are very proud to announce that all of our Grade 6s have been accepted into wonderful schools for Grade 7, including Greenwood College, Rosedale Day School, Royal St. George’s College, and Toronto Prep. Several of our families have opted to send their children to their local public school as well. Typically, we hear glowing reports of … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 05/04/2022

Spring has Sprung! May is an exciting time of year at The Mabin School. Over the next few weeks, we have many important events planned: -On Friday, May 6, in honour of Children’s Mental Health Week, a Mindfulness and Mental Health Integration for all students -During the week of May 16, our students are conducting their Student-Led Conferences. If you … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 04/27/2022

Summer E-Learning @ Mabin Most summers, we offer a summer camp for the last 2 weeks of June. This year, during the last 2 weeks of June, we will be packing up 24 Spadina Rd and 35 Prince Arthur and getting ready to move back home to 50 Poplar Plains Rd. for September. Unfortunately, we cannot make summer camp work … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 04/20/2022

SAVE THE DATES: Student-led Conferences are Coming One of the long-standing traditions at The Mabin School is Student-Led Conferences (SLCs). This coming together of students and parents is an essential part of our learning process. Students set goals in the first term and collect evidence of learning throughout the year. At the Student-Led Conference, they share their learning with the … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 04/13/2022

Build Update Those of you who drive up Poplar Plains Road will have noticed that the build is progressing nicely, and we are looking forward to being back at our original site in September, 2022. Now that the walls of the addition have gone up, it is easier to visualize how beautiful our new Community Learning Lab will be, and … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 04/06/2022

As a school that roots all learning in relationships, a large part of our curriculum is how to be a caring community member. Using the Habits of Mind as our framework, we teach explicitly about using empathy starting in JK, along with our #1 rule: “You can’t say you can’t play.” Students learn to invite and include, and we coach … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 03/30/2022

We Are Social Beings “We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others’ actions. We survive here in dependence on others. Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others’ activities. For this reason it is hardly surprising that most of our … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 03/09/2022

You Have Homework! The term has whizzed by, and we are heading into the March Break ready for a rest! Before we go, we have some homework for you. Thank you to everyone who has already completed it, but we would very much appreciate it if ALL families would complete our annual Parent Satisfaction Survey, which can be found here, … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 03/02/2022

Talking to Children about Difficult News With the news about Ukraine and Russia in the headlines, some of you may find yourselves having tough conversations with your children these days. Common Sense Media offers an excellent article about this, which emphasizes that the developmental stage of your child should guide the level of detail and your approach. For example, For … Read More

Nancy’s Notes 02/22/2022

Parenting through Challenging Times with the Habits of Mind in Mind We were so thrilled to host Bena Kallick, co-founder of the Institute for Habits of Mind, and our parent experts last Wednesday at our Parent2Parent conference. Bena gave us an overview of the Habits of Mind and some very specific strategies for parenting during the challenge of the global … Read More