Breakfast with the Chair

Breakfast with the Chair! Last year, when we were creating our Strategic Plan collaboratively with all of you, it became apparent that people wanted to know more about our Board of Directors and how the Board works. With this in mind, Jeremy Creed has planned a special “breakfast with the Chair” for next Wednesday, November 22 at 8:00 am in … Read More

“Parenting for Resilience and the Power of Risk”

Last Wednesday, thanks to our Parents’ Association, we were fortunate to have Dr. Jean Clinton speak to us about Parenting for Resilience and the Power of Risk. Dr. Clinton is a world-renowned Child Psychiatrist who advises our Premier and the Minister of Education on the intersection of Children’s Mental Health and Education. Dr. Clinton is also an advisor to The … Read More

Pump It Up!

The Mabin School is committed to modelling excellence in progressive, coeducational, elementary education. This school year alone, visitors from Chile, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia have already to come and see us at work. Our excellence depends on a constant renewal of resources to support the innovative teaching and learning happening at our school. This renewal of resources cannot happen without … Read More

Pushing the Limits!

Our Principal Nancy Steinhauer and Kelly Gallagher-Mackay, Authors of ‘Pushing the Limits’ joined Breakfast Television to talk about the main themes of their new book, which is released today. ‘Pushing the Limits’ brings light to our education system. Pushing the Limits!

Nancy’s Notes

As I write this, it is already August 2, and as many of you are off having a relaxing vacation, there are several of us hard at work at The Mabin School getting ready for the new school year. If you were to visit us right now, you would see Dayana creating this new website, Graeme doing the work required … Read More

Welcome Lisa Sherman

We are excited that Lisa Sherman will be joining us to teach Grade 5 in September. Lisa is a veteran educator who was most recently on secondment at the Jackman Institute of Child Study at OISE/UT. Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her but never stops learning. Currently, she is enrolled in Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets online … Read More

Green Team Events

The Green Team continued their efforts to find ways for our children to become more environmentally conscious. Numerous initiatives were conducted over the year, including, an e-waste and battery drive, community cleanup, and our annual Earth Day celebration. As well, the ever popular ABC (Anything But Car) day was held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Annual Book Exchange

The Book Exchange Was a great success with over 1,000 books brought in. All leftover books were donated to the Children’s Book Bank which benefit children in Regent Park.

Annual Gingerbread House

We continued our tradition of holding the Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread House event which raised over $10,000, once again exceeding all expectations. Our students were given the opportunity to show empathy and generosity as we again collected winter outerwear for those in need. We focused on helping kids in Toronto, and contributions were made to Queen Victoria Public School.