Mabinwear, Pumps It Up, and Gingerbread Fundraiser!

Mabinwear, Annual Campaign

I am very pleased to announce that so far our Annual Fund is a huge success. Many thanks to the Parents’ Association for their generous donation of $10,000 towards a new Sports Court on the gym roof! With their contribution, and the contribution of almost 50% of our parents already, we have raised over $75,000. We are halfway to our goal! Thanks to all of you who have already given this year.

What is our goal? Why 100% participation (and $150,000), of course! We are already looking into new foam blocks for the gym roof, new lunch tables, new lockers, a second tetherball court, and other improvements to our athletic facilities. We would like to have all the funds raised by Winter Break, so that our students can benefit right away in the new year. Need a little inspiration? Watch as our students enthusiastically Pump You Up!


In the meantime, our fabulous PA has also launched a Mabinwear Campaign. Looking for a good gift for family and friends for the holiday season? Buy Mabinwear! Thanks to the ever-sharp Dayana De La Cruz, we now have an online shop on our website where you can buy an assortment of high-quality and attractive Mabin items. All proceeds go towards our bursary fund. We have adult and kid sizes available, so go wild! Personally, I have purchased an entire set for my weekend wear. Go Mabin!

We hope to see many of you out at the Gingerbread Fundraiser — another holiday-time tradition where we build gingerbread houses and raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Jill and her team of helpers always do a fantastic job of planning this event, and we welcome members of the Mabin Community — young and old — to join us.

We also hope to see ALL of you at the Winter Concert, December 12 at the Isabel Bader Theatre. Ian is working hard with all of the students to prepare an exciting night of music, fun, and creativity. We know they will not disappoint.

‘Tis the Season!