Gracious Professionalism

Last weekend, our Grade 5s competed in this year’s FLL Robotics competition. On Friday, we were treated to a dress rehearsal of their presentations. In assembly, each group came up and confidently presented their innovation projects, all meant to improve public spaces in our city. The Green Doctors taught us about how hospitals could use green roofs to better the care and health of their clients. Brick Busters showed us their invention to improve the experience of homeless people in shelters. And No Excuses had created a machine to encourage cigarette smokers to dispose of their butts in environmentally friendly ways. “Don’t be a flicking smoker!” they joyfully proclaimed, creating a great stir in our assembly while getting their point across forcefully and with humour.

Robotic Madness

Watching our students at the competition on Saturday, we were proud of their problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and leadership skills. Each one of them was a real changemaker. Equally impressive were their coaches. Michelle Li, Lisa Sherman, Hannah Tolkin, and Graeme Casson devoted many extra hours of their time. They made sure that each and every one of our Grade 5 students were able to participate in an authentic and meaningful way.

While some schools only send a select few to these competitions, The Mabin School has always taken a more inclusive approach, weaving the Robotics Competition into the very fabric of the Grade 5 program. Together, the Grade 5 students cheered each other on, made each other better, and showed “gracious professionalism,” a core value of the competition. Yet again, they demonstrated impressive leadership and the ability to collaborate effectively. This is a group that knows how to spot a problem, take initiative, and make a difference.

Thanks to our Grade 5 class for representing The Mabin School so well. Thanks to their teachers for their ongoing dedication and commitment. Whether using technology or simple materials like cardboard, Mabin kids know how to innovate. The FLL Robotics competition gives them an excellent opportunity to practice being original thinkers, adaptive leaders, and caring citizens. Go Mabin!