Spring Has Sprung!

It is finally beginning to feel like Spring. Kids are ditching their coats as they run around at recess working up a sweat. There is a lot of energy in the building and out — and at times, emotions run high as Spring Fever plays its tricks on us.

As you know, at The Mabin School, we see ourselves as being very much in partnership with you, your children’s first teachers. Our top priorities are that the students are learning, not only about the curriculum, but about themselves and each other, and about relationships and how they work. We ask you to take care of a few essentials on the home front:

  1. Sleep: The more we learn about the brain, the more important we realize that a good sleep routine is for learning. The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends 10-13 hours of sleep for your Kindergarten-age child, and 9-12 hours of sleep for your 6-12 year old. We understand that there are exceptions to these rules, and that sometimes life gets in the way, but we ask that you do your very best to have a regular sleep routine for your children so that they can get to school on time, ready to learn.
  2. Reading: Reading to and with your children for 20 minutes each day makes a huge difference on their development as readers. We will teach your children how to read, how to comprehend what they are reading, and later, how to read to learn about subjects of interest. What we need from you is opportunities for practice — opportunities for your children to hear you reading fluently and with expression, books that may be beyond their current reading level, and opportunities for you to hear your children reading so they can practice their fluency. For more ideas about reading with your children, click here.
  3. Birthday Parties, Play Dates, and Inclusion: One of our core values at The Mabin School is inclusion. That is why we have the guidelines that we publish in our Family Handbook about birthday parties: We encourage you to invite the whole class to celebrations… Please remember, excluding one or two children can create unnecessary upsets.  This is a very sensitive issue and we feel it is important that our students learn by example to include others in order to develop into caring, empathic individuals.  Similarly, we really encourage you to invite lots of different children over for play dates — even ones where there may be some problem-solving required. Working through problems together brings relationships closer. The investment in each other makes for strong bonds as our students travel through their 8 years at the school.

Thanks for supporting us by paying attention to these details. Our students are happier and more successful when you do.