In all ways, our Mabin experience was a remarkable journey guided by talented, innovative and attentive educators and facilitators. But how would they do when they left the safe confines of the only school they had ever known, I wondered? How well are they prepared academically? How will they adapt to a new social environment? How well will they transition into Grade 7? Now, two months into that transition, I can honestly report that the ease at which they have transitioned is nothing short of amazing!

They are prepared academically! Yes, their knowledge is on par with kids from other schools and they have the required proficiency, but even more significantly, they have been taught the skills to learn, to ask questions, to seek help when needed. This seems to be a unique advantage in their new class.

They are prepared socially! Upon graduation, they were ready to leave the proverbial nest, and they were emotionally ready to expand their horizons and spread their wings. This fact was a huge contributor to the attitude with which they started their new school. They were eager to meet new people and they embraced the challenge of starting from scratch. They were armed with a Mabin provided arsenal with which to do this. Emotional intelligence, inclusiveness and communication were second nature to them at this point.