The Fundamental Four

September is a time of “firsts”: first day of school, first assembly, first integration, first meeting with the teacher, first Parent’s Association Meeting, and so on.

In September (and always), we work together as a team with you to provide our students with what Dr. David Tranter calls “the fundamental four”: safety, regulation, belonging, and positivity. As routines and expectations become clear for our students, healthy boundaries of behaviour become familiar. September is full of conversation and learning about how we can make our community a place where everyone feels included and engaged in learning.  We keep things steady and predictable so that we can practice being the kind of community we want to be.

At the same time, there are moments of incredible excitement – like our first integration period, when we had students pair up and move through the schools choosing from a variety of fun activities. Or our second integration where we visited the Hydro Park as a large group, younger and older students playing together. These opportunities to break routine and play together build our sense of belonging and positivity.

In a learning community like ours, the “fundamental four” are just as important for the adults as the kids. As parents and educators alike, we are always learning about our children and how they work. As your child’s first teacher, you know your child like no one else ever will. As trained and experienced educators, we know children, and can place your child’s behaviour in the context of our collective years of experience. The parent/teacher team is a powerful support for any child, especially when we view learning as a relational activity.