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The Next Right School

The Mabin School helps our students to develop into grounded, intellectually engaged, and compassionate leaders, making an impact through community engagement. Our Alumni go on to be successful at a whole variety of school. We work closely with families and guided them through the transition process.



“There seem to be many parents that went to Mabin, then went on to study at the big private schools, yet think so highly about their experience and the Mabin community that their kids are now at Mabin. That seems very unique and special.”

-Class of 2028 Parent

After Mabin

The large majority of Mabin graduates choose independent schools for Grade 7, but our students do well in both private and public institutions. Parents and graduating students are guided by our Transition Team to make the appropriate choice for their next school.

We recognize the transition process can seem overwhelming, so our Transition Team meets with parents individually, schedules tours with other Mabin students at Grade 7 schools, assists students with the application process, guides the creation of their portfolios, and conducts mock interviews with each student.

All of these supports help families have a positive experience with the transition.


Mabin Graduates Are:


The Mabin School alumni make a positive impact in the world wherever they are, inspiring our young changemakers to make a difference in the world.

We want to tell you all about the amazing magic and continuing traditions at Mabin. As well, we want to inform you of upcoming Alumni events and about what other Mabin Alumni are up to. Most of all, we want to hear from you!

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Parent Testimonials

“We always had faith our son was in good hands. He leaves Mabin better off than when he came in so that is a success in our books. The Mabin teachers are exceptional and dedicated educators and we are lucky to have known you. We know that our son will have more successes and challenges in the years ahead, but the foundation he received in his years at Mabin will be something he draws from as he navigates it all. When I sit with other parents and they complain about “kids these days”, I always think, nope not the Mabin kids. They are the changemakers our world needs.”

-Parent of 2020 Graduate

“In all ways, our Mabin experience was a remarkable journey guided by talented, innovative and attentive educators and facilitators. But how would they do when they left the safe confines of the only school they had ever known, I wondered? How well are they prepared academically? How will they adapt to a new social environment? How well will they transition into Grade 7? Now, two months into that transition, I can honestly report that the ease at which they have transitioned is nothing short of amazing!

They are prepared academically! Yes, their knowledge is on par with kids from other schools and they have the required proficiency, but even more significantly, they have been taught the skills to learn, to ask questions, to seek help when needed. This seems to be a unique advantage in their new class.

They are prepared socially! Upon graduation, they were ready to leave the proverbial nest, and they were emotionally ready to expand their horizons and spread their wings. This fact was a huge contributor to the attitude with which they started their new school. They were eager to meet new people and they embraced the challenge of starting from scratch. They were armed with a Mabin provided arsenal with which to do this. Emotional intelligence, inclusiveness and communication were second nature to them at this point.”

-Proud Parent of Mabin Grad